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October 9th, 2007

crossing the finish line.

I think I have been going about my life all wrong. From the very beginning I had always stated that I wanted to go to college and to get a degree. Somewhere along the way I forgot to ask a very important question and lost my self identity. That question is “What am I going to do?” I know that to answer that I need to find my self again. I realized while I was sitting in class this morning, listening to Dr. Prisendorf’s rant about caring and working hard that I don’t care. I want to change that.

First I have to come up with a plan, a tentative “Life Goal” of sorts. That is choosing a major, and a school. So what is the Major? Japanese Language and Literature. How about that Minor then? Modern Asian Cultures and Languages. These are the things That I am interested in, more so than any thing else in the world. So how about that school then? Were do I want to get this degree? I spent an entire day researching, reading, and touring campuses all around the country. I learned as much about them as I possibly could. For the past Two weeks I have thought and read, and talked about those colleges, narrowed down my choices to a top five list and then made my decision this morning at about Three O’clock. I am going to try to get into Harvard.
Please do not send me messages telling me that this is not attainable for me, or that I have not thought this out well enough. Because I have, and I know the extreme amount of pressure and stress and hard work that it will take to make this dream, a reality. I am well aware of the fact that I will have to give up all aspects of a social life whatsoever and that I will have to spend Months if not years buried in books and classes attempting to broaden my knowledge and intelligence.

All I am asking for is a little support form those of you who I care about most.