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October 4th, 2007


I have this stupid math test today that has me a little stressed out. If I do bad on it it does not signal the end of the class for me, but I would have to get all C+'s or higher on the next Three tests and I would have to get at least a B- or Higher to pull my goal of getting a B in the class off.

I think I know this material ok, but I already know that the problems with fractions are going to mess me all up. I don't really know why Fractions give me such trouble, I can do decimals just fine, which are basically the same thing. And I can even grasp Pre Algebra, so Why not the damn Fractions.

Maybe I don't practice enough, or something...Ijust don't know.

Again, much like yesterday, pretty slow day, Although I do feel much better phiscially as my head cold is subsiding.

I am going to finnish up my Zombie story over the weekend and Begin a new story that will be Less viloent and less graphic. The Idea came to me whilst I was looking at some of Christines art ofver on DA. And with her premission and useing the title of that art as the tital of my work.

The next story will be called

Tokyo Love Story. I really hope I am not steeling that from somewere else, I don't think I am but you never know.