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Oct. 20th, 2007

Yeah...I have nothing to say. :)

crossing the finish line.

I think I have been going about my life all wrong. From the very beginning I had always stated that I wanted to go to college and to get a degree. Somewhere along the way I forgot to ask a very important question and lost my self identity. That question is “What am I going to do?” I know that to answer that I need to find my self again. I realized while I was sitting in class this morning, listening to Dr. Prisendorf’s rant about caring and working hard that I don’t care. I want to change that.

First I have to come up with a plan, a tentative “Life Goal” of sorts. That is choosing a major, and a school. So what is the Major? Japanese Language and Literature. How about that Minor then? Modern Asian Cultures and Languages. These are the things That I am interested in, more so than any thing else in the world. So how about that school then? Were do I want to get this degree? I spent an entire day researching, reading, and touring campuses all around the country. I learned as much about them as I possibly could. For the past Two weeks I have thought and read, and talked about those colleges, narrowed down my choices to a top five list and then made my decision this morning at about Three O’clock. I am going to try to get into Harvard.
Please do not send me messages telling me that this is not attainable for me, or that I have not thought this out well enough. Because I have, and I know the extreme amount of pressure and stress and hard work that it will take to make this dream, a reality. I am well aware of the fact that I will have to give up all aspects of a social life whatsoever and that I will have to spend Months if not years buried in books and classes attempting to broaden my knowledge and intelligence.

All I am asking for is a little support form those of you who I care about most.


I have this stupid math test today that has me a little stressed out. If I do bad on it it does not signal the end of the class for me, but I would have to get all C+'s or higher on the next Three tests and I would have to get at least a B- or Higher to pull my goal of getting a B in the class off.

I think I know this material ok, but I already know that the problems with fractions are going to mess me all up. I don't really know why Fractions give me such trouble, I can do decimals just fine, which are basically the same thing. And I can even grasp Pre Algebra, so Why not the damn Fractions.

Maybe I don't practice enough, or something...Ijust don't know.

Again, much like yesterday, pretty slow day, Although I do feel much better phiscially as my head cold is subsiding.

I am going to finnish up my Zombie story over the weekend and Begin a new story that will be Less viloent and less graphic. The Idea came to me whilst I was looking at some of Christines art ofver on DA. And with her premission and useing the title of that art as the tital of my work.

The next story will be called

Tokyo Love Story. I really hope I am not steeling that from somewere else, I don't think I am but you never know.


Weekly Blues.

Well, Christine recieved her package alright, and it wasn't dmge'd. Congradulations to the US Postal Service on that one.

I don't really have any thing else to say. It is pretty quiet around here. Infact the only other Thing I have going of any real significance this week is my Math Midterm. I really hope I do well on it. If I can best it, then I will have no problem with the rest of the semester, and I will beable to pass the class. Although I really do want to learn this math stuff, I find it hard to stay on task sometimes. That is really aggravating to me, you know.

Steve and Seth introduced me to this really neat DVD Archiveing Program, it is pretty neat, and it is an easy way to keep track of what I do and Don't have.

I really hope the class likes my story tomorrow.

Well, I am gonna go for now.

Chapter 1 It is finaly Here!

Chapter 1:
Damn you Umbrella Corp. Thanks to you I might have missed the new Episode of Scrubs….

Why me, why does every thing shitty have to happen to me. That is the question I always end up asking my self every time I get my self in a sticky wicket. The air is cold, nothing but rain pours from the sky. Surrounded! Of all the places to die, fuck me. Once more I reload the M911 then position target in the center and pull the trigger. The weapon is loud, the bullet deadly it speeds towards the victims head.

“Thirteen!” I yell.

From a few feet away I hear Christine yell, “Goddamn you! You little fuckers!” She screams as she squeezes off a few rounds from the assault rifle she had taken off of Drew’s lifeless corpse. Three of them fall to the ground. “Curtis, I need some more ammo!” I toss her a clip, and she reloads quickly takes aim and takes down five more. “HAHA, take that you Mother Fuckers!” I yell as I unload five rounds into the masses bodies surrounding us.

“Steve!” I yell, “Look out behind you man!” He turns just in time to blast half of his assailants head off. “Take that ya’ bitch!” “Hey Curtis, where is Sam’s team?” Off in the distance I could hear the sounds of heavy weapons fire. “I think he is a couple of blocks over, holding down 17th Street. Why?” I asked. “We can not hold this position any longer, Drews Dead, Seth was bitten, and we are almost out of ammo!” “If we stay hear we ain’t gonna’ last long!”
Christine pipes up, “Well at least we will die in glorious combat!” “Take that you little SOB!” As she puts a slug right into the head of a zombie. “Fuck, these things just won’t fucking die.”

Thinking for a moment, I make a decision, “Alright every one lets fall back to General Jackson’s position.” “MOVE!” “Would you stop calling him that; he is not a real general!” Remarks Christine, as she proceeds to bludgeon a zombie with the butt of her rifle. Steve pipes up from behind a bench, “But he is Samuel L. Mother-Fuckin’ Jackson!” “That alone makes him worthy of the title, doesn’t it? I mean he is almost like a god, if you really think about it, right?” Seth finally intervenes, “This is not the goddamn time to be arguing weather or not Samuel Jackson is a goddamn general, Jesus Christ what the hell is wrong with you people I could be on the verge of turning into a fucking flesh eating zombie bitch, and you want to argue Sam Jackson’s divinity!” He raises his anti-tank rifle takes aim and puts a hole the size of a truck tire through twelve zombies.

“Steve” I yell, “Pick up Seth and get back to 17th Street, Christine and I will be along shortly as soon as we find Stephanie and Jason, now MOVE!” Steve waste’s no time in carrying out my orders and slinging our good friend over his shoulder begins sprinting towards our fall back line. Thinking to my self, “I wonder if I am gonna get to see that new episode of Scrubs?” “Christine lets move Jason and Stephanie are held up in the Burger King on 9th Street, we must make an honest effort to save them, after all they are you Husband and one of your best friends respectively.” She looks at me with a funny look, then laughs. “Ha! I think Jason can handle him self, he doesn’t need me to come running in and save the day. After all he is Navel intelligence!” As we take off running for the Burger King, I can’t help but feel like something big is about to happen.


Enjoy, and give me feed back!!!!!


I saw the most helarious thing today. It was a movie by the name of "Farce of the Penguins" and it was simpley amazing! You have to see this movie. It was narreated by Samual L. Jackson and had over 50 famous actors and comeadians in it. It was kinda short but it was just freaking awesome!



I has window *Stop* very busy now *Stop* will talk later *Stop*

The Sunday Times!

Well, I have a new window of sorts in my car, thanks to my dad. Did I mention he broke it in the first place….

Well, in any case I am grateful, because it is supposed to rain tomorrow all day and the same is expected on Tuesday to.
I wonder how much rain we will exactly get? We do need the rain here, and I for one would like to see some cloudier skies and some cooler temperatures.

Through an episode of scrubs I found this singer by the name of Colin Hay, formerly of the ban Men at Work. He has been solo now for a long time and I really like his music. He is Irish, and the thing that has drawn me most towards him is his lyrics. I really like them; they tend to remind me a lot of Flogging Molly.

I have some work I need to be doing, but I really cannot seem to get motivated. Speaking of, I might have a new writing project up this week. I would like to get at least started on this new Idea, so check often. I would think that it will be closer to Thursday or Friday though before I post any thing. No biggie, just wanted to make that known.

Well, I guess I will go make my self some food and tackle some of this homework.


The world!

Why rage against the machine? Why not be happy with the machine, most girls are….(drum thingy)!

But seriously, has any one been keeping up on France these days. They are like totally going all American on Iran, it is quite strange….something smells fishy (drum Thingy).
I for one am glad to finally have someone backing us who is not the British. The French seem to have there own mind in this current state of world affairs, they aren’t like the British who seem to follow us were ever we go out of some guilt ridden desire to pay us back for saving their asses from Hitler’s endless hordes of Nazi Vampires and strange little wolf boi’s who look like little girls.


I honestly want to hit someone or something right now so bad that I just can not stand it any more. LIFE: What did I do that Pissed you off so bad? I AM SORRY, I humbely beg your forgiveness.

Plese stop messing with me now, Ok!?